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#9. Literacy & Buy-In

The application process is an opportunity to raise CE literacy on campus and develop buy-in for CE institutionalization. Working with a committee on the application is the most common approach to achieving those benefits.

So, how do you know what your team should look like?

Step 1

Consider the intended benefits your campus is hoping to get out of applying and getting classified.

Step 2

Explore some team approaches. Find the combination or the modification that will help your team achieve your campus’ intended benefits.


  • Gather the most committed community engagement practitioners

  • Gather the widest variety of folks who are knowledgeable about campus

  • Gather the folks with the most decision-making power

  • Gather the widest representation of every corner of campus


  • One giant team

  • Two teams

Small steering/executive/core team Larger, more representative, team


  • Who identifies the team members

Application process leaders An executive leader Some combination of the two

  • How are team members brought onto the team

Recruited or requested


  • Who informs the candidate that they are wanted on the team

Application process leader

Executive level leader or cabinet member

Their dean or supervisor

Selecting Your Team

How do you know which composition is right for your campus?

  • Some combination of the above is usually right

  • Consider the benefits your campus wants to achieve from going after the classification and choose the option that would best advance those benefits

Those of you with solid teams in place: do you have language or examples you could share about how your campus’ team members joined the team?

Still have questions? The Getting Carnegie Classified Toolkit has exercises to help!

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