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#20. Progress Report

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

April is Application Progress Report Month. Before long, you'll be immersed in the Carnegie application nitty gritty and you need to manage the process and report the progress.

This month, we'll provide the tools and tips to take the guesswork out of those steps so you can focus on leveraging and quality. This month's Carnegie Hacks will cover:

  • Benefits of progress reports

  • Progress Report outline

  • Progress Report template

  • Progress Report tool

If you don't know what progress reports have to do with leveraging the Carnegie, this week's Carnegie Hack is for you!

Leveraging Progress Reports

Whether you’re presenting in person or disseminating via email, progress reports are another great opportunity to leverage the Carnegie!

That’s why you should commit to sharing periodic progress reports with a group of campus decision-makers, even if they haven't asked for them.

Benefits of reporting your Carnegie application progress to campus leaders and stakeholders:

1. Rev their Engines

  • Generate enthusiasm and a sense of ownership of CE strengths

  • Educate them about...

strengths they can celebrate and

improvements they’ll be asked to support

2. Grease the Wheels

  • Encourage campus cooperation with CE institutionalization efforts

  • Reiterate that CE institutionalization is a campus-wide effort, even if only a small group of folks are writing up the application

3. Stay in the spotlight

  • Remind them that CE and the application are an ongoing priority

  • Prompt them to keep CE in mind when making decisions

4. Get Direction

  • Troubleshoot issues that will benefit from their input

  • Create mutual accountability by providing options and requesting feedback on controversial approaches to CE improvements or application answers

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