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#19. Change No 4, Partnership Survey

The final addition we’ll be addressing this month is both a big opportunity as well as a big shift from the original data collection method used in the application. For the first time, the Carnegie administrators will actually be collecting some of its own data which will be weighed in the application review. Until now, the voluntary nature of the classification coincided with a burden on the applicant to collect and supply any information they wanted considered.

Starting with the 2020 application, in addition to providing the standard details asked for in the “partnership grid” of exemplary partnerships, you’ll also be providing an email address where the primary partner contact can be invited to complete a survey.

The community partner survey consists of 6 closed- and one open-ended questions, with an optional space for any general comments. The topic of the survey is the effort(s) the campus has made to foster mutuality, reciprocity, trust, etc. in the partnership. The survey questions are available in the application for review.

This new survey element is going to require some forethought! It will influence which community agencies you’ll want to highlight in your list of exemplary partnerships. If you haven’t had an explicit conversation with those agencies about these topics, you’ll want to. You’ll also want to be sure they understand what the terms used in the survey mean to the application reviewers, so they can speak to the topic the reviewers have in mind.

This is a great opportunity to open up this dialogue and find out how the institution can be a better partner, and perhaps even how the community agency can be a better partner, too.

Final Word

These are not the only changes to the application, but they are what appear to be the most significant in that they will need to be addressed and it will require time to plan for them.

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