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#11. Team Orientation

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Wondering how to get your team on the same page so you can get to work? Here are some great options.

Your Carnegie Team orientation might include...

  • Welcome from executive leadership or cabinet member endorsing the team and process

  • Explanation of the Carnegie CE Classification

Definition of CE

2020 Application Cycle key dates

History of CE classification

Examples of institutions that have it

Examples of benefits of the classification

  • Why your campus is doing it

What benefits they hope the classification can help the campus achieve

Who at the leadership level is especially committed to your campus going for it

  • The team’s charge

Why was this specific group selected (rationale)

Who is leading the team

What is their role as leader

Are they delegating responsibility to the team?

Is the team leader responsible and the rest of them team there to help?

What is expected of the team members

Time commitment

What they should do if they can’t participate as expected

Who does the team report to?

How will it report?

When/How often will it report?

Project timeline

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