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#10. Team Roles

So, you’ve got a team. What now?

There’s plenty to do and plenty for the team to help with.

Major roles for team members

  • Facilitating the entire application process

Coordinating/operationalizing the application’s nuts and bolts

Keeping to the timeline

  • Advocating/shepherding improvements to practices and policies

Deciding which improvements will be sought before the application

Deciding how to seek the improvements

  • Managing the team

Delegating data collection and compilation

Coordinating response outlining, drafting, and revising

  • Conducting data collection and compilation

  • Response outlining, drafting, and revising

But how will you know who is going to do what?

Tactics to get team members into their roles

  • Let team members volunteer for the tasks they want

  • Recruit specific team members for specific roles that play to their strengths

  • Assign specific team members to specific roles

Those of you with strong teams in place, you have a charge or a job description or expectations of the team you could share with the Caravan?

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