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#23. Carnegie Progress Tracker TOOL!

Updated: May 16, 2018

Every campus will have to figure out how to keep track of their progress through this application, whether they have to report it to their campus or not.

This tool is 8 years in the works. GCC members are receiving them this week.

Below is a description of the key features, so you can make your own spreadsheet.

Don’t want to use your valuable time creating this tool yourself? It’s available as part of the Get On Track with Tools package.

This spreadsheet contains 3 main tabs:

Tab 1: Questions Progress

Load in all the application items, with any pertinent reference data like primary stakeholder group, whether it's a Foundational Indicator, fields for intended due date. Add columns for tracking answer strengths, sources of relevant data, key players in improving the campus's policies or practices on this item.

FYI - GCC Members will receive this tool with 12 columns pre-loaded with reference info

Tab 2: Partnership Progress

Compile all CE partnerships and programs and plug it in here. Include columns for Partnership Grid questions, space to track program-level assessment activities and to track where you'll plug this partnership into the application.

Tab 3: Countdown to Carnegie

List the major application tasks, to ensure you’re leveraging this application along the way, with recommended due dates, a tracker to tell you how long you still have before it’s due and a place to note your status on that task

FYI - GCC Members will have this tool preloaded with automatic countdowns

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