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#8. Carnegie Application Team

Happy New Year!

Let’s get this year off to a great start. January Carnegie Hacks

will focus on getting our application teams up and running.

Wondering if it’s easier for 1-2 like-minded folks to just tackle the application on their own? (It’s a fair question. Committees take work and nobody needs another unnecessary committee.)

Let’s try turning this question on its head.

What would you be giving up if you didn’t work on the application with a team?

· Creating a space for members of campus to dialogue about CE, often for the first time

· Delegate tasks in application process

o Data collection

o Writing

· Increase ownership of CE and classification

o Spread ownership of application-related decisions to more people

· Brainstorming possible CE improvements

· Prioritizing needed improvements

· Show non-CE faculty that there are ways to do CE other than just SL

Those of you with solid teams in place, what else do you hope your campus will get out of your Carnegie application team?

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