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#60 Narrowing It Down

This photo has nothing to do with this week's Carnegie Hack. It simply made me laugh. (A picture of a pug's face on an owl's body. The pug-owl is flying towards the camera.)

Welcome to the final Carnegie Hack of the 2020 Application Cycle!

This week, we tackle Step 4 of the Scholarship Examples: Narrowing It Down.

Many of you will find that you have more scholarship examples than you can fit into your 500 word limit for the appropriate question. So, how do you narrow it down?

Some across-the-board strategies include demonstrating pervasiveness:

  • Represent as many different colleges and schools as possible before you double up on any. Within those, represent as many different disciplines as possible.

  • Represent as many different topical areas as possible before you double up on any. For instance, here are a few community issues that aren't always on our SLCE radar: the arts, the environment, aging populations, health, domestic violence, immigrants and refugees.

Here are a few context-specific strategies you might consider:

Do you have strong examples from more departments than you can fit in your answer

  • Consider just providing a list of scholarship citations and no accompanying narrative - let the long, diverse list speak for itself

Do you have strong examples but clustered around a few departments?

  • Consider introducing each cluster of scholarship citations and making a case for their depth and breadth within that school or department

Did any of your authors or examples receive recognition for excellence in the SLCE field?

  • Consider adding a special note to highlight the endorsement of those piece's quality

We hope you enjoyed the last 14 months of Carnegie Hacks!

Thanks for being a great audience and good luck with the application!

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