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#57 Tackling the scholarship questions

Welcome to the final month of Carnegie Hacks!

After over a year of tips and distinctions, we'll soon be turning our attention completely to helping review applicant drafts. And January is the last month to reserve a spot in the draft review cycle.

Last month we heard from lots of folks confused about the multiple questions requesting scholarship examples in the application. This month, we'll parse them out and prepare you to answer them.

These 4 questions on the application address scholarship examples:

First time applicants:

  • Section III Categories of Engagement

  • Questions C. 1-3, D. 4

Reclassifying applicants:

  • Section II Categories of Engagement

  • Questions 5. 1-3, 6. 4

To responding to these questions, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Compile scholarship generated by your campus that has anything to do with "the community"

  2. Sort through your scholarship examples

  3. Funnel each example into the best answer for you

  4. Select the best strategy for each question response

Over the course of this month, we'll work through each step.

Step 1 - Compile scholarship generated by your campus that has anything to do with "the community"

Here are some places to look for community-related scholarship. Please note, your campus may not collect all of these or some may be confidential.

  • External Funding or Sponsored Research Office

  • Faculty CV updates

  • College newsletters listing faculty scholarship

  • Internal grant applications, fellowship applications

  • Library database of faculty publications

  • Word of mouth

Next week, we'll start making sense of the pile of examples you've collected. See you then!

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