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#53. Partnership Grid Factor #2: Breadth

You know from Hack #52 that the first key characteristic reviewers want to see in your Partnership Grid is depth.

Well, the other key characteristic they are looking for is breadth.

You'll want to demonstrate the far reach of community engagement across your campus. You'll want reviewers to walk away from your application thinking CE is inclusive, extensive, and diverse.

How can you demonstrate the breadth of your community engagement?

Consider this list of community engagement aspects and try to represent as many of the following varieties of CE as possible:

· Founded or lead by faculty/staff/students/administration

· Housed within as many different departments, schools, and colleges as possible

· Curricular, co-curricular, non-curricular (not student-centered)

· Charity/direct service, social justice/root causes models

· Social sector (education, health, arts, environment, etc.)

· Formats (place-based initiative, CE scholarship, institutional partnership, etc.)

· Activism types:

o Block (dismantling problematic social systems),

o Build (create the future we want to see),

o Be (tend to the humanity of social change practitioners so they can maintain their efforts for the long haul)

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