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#33. Intro to Outcomes and Impact

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

Our July and August Carnegie Hacks will demystify the 4 impact questions on pages 7-8 (1st timers' application) and page 6 (Reclassifyers' application).

In July we will clarify the purpose of the questions, the difference between the 2020 framing of the questions and that of the previous cycles, and breakdown the language used in the questions. In August, we will dive into the questions individually at the constituent levels.

First off, if you don't know what we mean by "The Impact Questions," or if you haven't read the advice for answering those questions, here is a handy excerpt of those questions and the advice provided (only to 1st timers, for some reason) about how to answer them.

Click here to link to the excerpt

4 things you want to know about these questions:

1. It has changed. Alongside impact, the question now requests "outcomes" as well. There is also more advice provided than ever before about how to answer it.

2. The purpose of the question is clear: sustainability of high quality community engagement. The stewards of the classification believe that the more constituencies experience tangible benefits from CE, the more likely CE is to be sustained on that campus.

3. The question can be thought of as "How do you know the stakeholders receive measurable benefits from CE?"

a. How do you measure the benefits?

b. What benefits do you measure?

c. What benefits did you find when you measured? What room for improvement did you find when you measured?

d. How are you using what you discovered about room for improvements to further increase measurable benefits?

4. The answers to the Impact Questions need to align with the answers about assessment policies and practices and the overall story you seek to tell about your campus throughout the application.

Next week, join us as we get crystal clear about the difference between "outcomes" and "impacts" requested in these questions.

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