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#26. Momento Mori

Welcome to week 3 of our May series on application topics worthy of your immediate attention. (Admittedly, this week's title is a little darker than its predecessors. Shout out for the for the Middle Ages!)

We've already discussed measurement mechanism questions, and last week we looked backwards. This week is about peering into the future.

Topic 3: Next Year's Systems

Several application questions relate to the policies and practices that make up systems influencing how your campus engages the community. Some systems will already be as strong as you could ever dream, but others will be ripe for improvements.

And some of those improvements will need to be ready to roll the moment the new fiscal year kicks in, or classes start up, etc.

For those systems that need to be up and running at the beginning of 2018-19, the summer is going to fly by. You'll thank yourself later for acting today.

· Scan the application and ask your team:

o Which of these items speak to systems that we are hoping to improve?

o When is the next opportunity to influence each of the systems that we hope to improve?

o What strategy do we want to take during that opportunity?

o How ought we prepare to take that strategy?

P.S. Are you already signed up for the Get on Track with Tools premium package?

If so, you can skip trying to locate all the relevant application items.

Your Carnegie Progress Tracker notes which items need your attention ASAP.

You're welcome!


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