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#24. Carpe Diem

Spring semesters are rapidly ending. Some campuses have started asking, "What should we focus on ASAP?"

So, May's Carnegie Hacks will all be about timing, specifically, which application topics are ripe for immediate attention.

While I still 100% recommend working through the application by stakeholder group (work through the faculty-related questions in one batch, the student-related questions in another batch, etc.), there are some topics that you'll risk running out of time for, if you don't act soon.

Topic 1: Measurement Mechanisms

7 of the 1st Timers application questions involve describing the mechanisms used to either track or assess various aspects of community engagement.

The reasons you want to address these ASAP are:

· There's no need to have totally different mechanisms for every type of measurement. So you want to tackle these as a group.

· The majority of the mechanisms questions are followed by a question about uses of the results unearthed by those mechanisms. So, if you have improvements to make, they need to be in place soon if you hope to be able to eventually answer the questions about the differences that using the results made.

· The 2020 application has further delineated the different types of assessment that should be addressed in each question. You may find that you have great strengths in some areas, but a blind spot in other areas. The sooner you know your gaps, the better positioned you'll be to rethink your assessment set up to fill them.

· Finally, 2 of the application questions about mechanisms are preceded by questions about student learning outcomes. If you have improving to do in this area, you may need even more time to strengthen the student learning outcomes before worrying about how you're measuring them.

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