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Curious about the difference between GCC and other Carnegie consulting services?

Look no further.

Who is the target audience for GCC?

The community engagement leaders and key allies who have been tasked with submitting a successful application.

What types of campuses will benefit most from Getting Carnegie Classified?

Campuses with leaders who need help recognizing the application is a tool to increase the institutionalization of high quality community engagement, not simply a celebration of the status quo or an inventory of CE activities.

What types of campuses will benefit least from Getting Carnegie Classified?

Campuses interested in being recognized by Carnegie based on the quantity of their CE activities and who are uninterested in continuous improvement.

Which parts of the application will GCC help with?

GCC makes every single step of the application easier, from the moment you begin until after you submit. We even include post-deadline support to help campuses prepare to fully leverage the classification announcement in January 2020.

What methods does GCC use to make the application eaiser?

On-demand application strategizing workshops, community of practice, application workbook, customized application timeline, monthly live question and answer meetings, feedback on workbook progress and draft application responses

How much travel is required to make the most of GCC?

None; communication is primarily through Zoom video conferencing. We know you can find a better use for those travel funds.

How will Getting Carnegie Classifed change our application experience?

Getting Carnegie Classified campuses have the skills to: LEVERAGE the application process to facilitate improvements to high quality community engagement institutionalization. PREVENT significant negative unintended consequences that can arise from the application process. TRANSFORM community engagement policies and practices to fit their campus's unique needs and culture. REBRAND community engagement as an underutilized asset, an asset that is understood as directly advancing the key issues and priorities facing the campus, rather than just another in a long list of activities. CULTIVATE the necessary support for a meaningful application process among the executive leadership, marketing, application team, and the campus at large.

Heather Mack Consulting, LLC

Getting Carnegie Classified™️ and Heather Mack Consulting, LLC operate independently from and are not affiliated with the Brown University Swearer Center for Public Service or the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.