The Carnegie CE Classification is higher education's way of recognizing its leaders.


Carnegie CE Classified institutions are meeting 21st-century challenges with courage.


These campuses model

1. How to respond constructively to this crucible moment in history and 

2. How community engagement strengthens the institutions that embrace it.


Get an overview of the classification below.



The world doesn’t need more Carnegie Classification experts. It needs you.

And your engaged colleagues.


It needs higher education to live up to its noblest aspirations.


The Carnegie Community Engagement Classification is a tool meant to help campuses do exactly that. It catalyzes us to better align our walk with our talk, to institutionalize what we say we value.


And yet... despite how strong an idea looks on paper, in practice things are different.


The application is often long & winding.


Somewhere on the road of ... "Let’s build on our strengths!”

Many campuses veer down the path of ...“Just get it done.”


More than half, never even finish.


Instead of diving deep on how to institutionalize CE on their own campus,

many faculty and staff become experts on the classification itself.


Too often, campuses labor in silos to invent the exact same wheels as one another, working in isolation toward a goal that was supposed to be about community.



But our work is just too important for this. 

The time that campuses spend building the same processes from scratch and trying to make the application more manageable is time they aren’t spending on institutionalizing and strengthening community engagement.


So, I created the Getting Carnegie Classified method.


The goal of all the Getting Carnegie Classified method is to decrease your learning curve, to give your campus a leg up on the process, so you can channel all your energy, enthusiasm, will, and social and political capital where it really belongs: on improving.


Truthfully, institutionalizing community engagement is hard enough.


We make the application easier,
so you can focus on changes that matter.

Heather Mack Consulting, LLC


Getting Carnegie Classified™️ and Heather Mack Consulting, LLC operate independently from and are not affiliated with the Brown University Swearer Center for Public Service or the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.